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    Avocado Juice Powder

    Avocado Juice Powder

    Min.Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms

    Supply Ability: 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

    Port: Beijing,Tianjin,Hangzhou

    Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,West 

    Product introduction

    Product Name

    Avocado Juice Powder

    Brand Name

    DN Biology


    Juice Powder


    off-white color

    Part Used


    Latin Name

    Persea Americana L.


    Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature.


    Avocado is almost a perfect and easy to digest food.It can help the problem of the stomach, constipation or urinary tract infections, also have curative effect to the liver, gallbladder

    avocado also called avocados, lauraceae avocado belongs to the evergreen trees, is a famous tropical fruit, it is also one of woody oil species.Nut oil content 8% ~ 29%, it's a non-drying oil refining is, without excitant, acidity is small, can be saved for a long time after emulsification, in addition to eating, it is also one of advanced skin care products, and spa material.
    The nutrition value and health care function

    At present in the world of 40 ° ~ 40 ° N S cultivation. Annual average temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, cold hardiness Avocado products
    Different varieties varies, anti-cold variety - 6 ℃ low temperature resistance, low cold hardiness variety in 0 ℃ low temperature dry. Avocados high nutritional value and health care effect is good, the world avocados planting area and output growth quickly. Avocado, ZhangLi etc., for the Lauraceae (Lauraceae), avocados genera (Persea Mill.) the evergreen trees.

    Main Function:

    1.This delicious and nutritious fruit of avocado extract with its healthy high fat content appears to fight the ravages of age, sun and wind damage as it softens and smoothes the skin.
    2.Avocado extract help to support healthy cholesterol levels, ease inflammation, improve brain function, fight serious malignant disease and promote good eye health.
    3.Avocado extract may be an effective weight loss aid as well. The good fats found in avocados actually increase metabolism, the rate at which the body burns calories.


    1.Applied in health supplement industry, avocado extract is used to support healthy cholesterol levels.
    2.Avocado extract can be used for weight loss aid as well. Some people who take avocado extract supplements as appetite suppressants report satisfactory results.
    3.Applied in comestic field, avocado extract can be used as face creams, masks, cleansers, lotions and hair care products. Avocado extract replenishes moisture in dry hair and skin.


    1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside. 

    25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.

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