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    • Herbal Extract

      Herbal Extract

      The general role of herbs is to support and protect bodily functions and processes.Herbal medicine is a gift of Nature. We have been using it to treat diseases us for thousands of years. Nowadays we make new technology to improve the utilization of herbs.

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    • Fruit/Vegetable Powder

      Fruit/Vegetable Powder

      The vegetable and fruit juice powders are made from 100% fresh vegetable and fruit. They keep the original flavor of fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

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    • Plant Straight Powder

      Plant Straight Powder

      Plant straight powder, which is another form of the raw material. It contains lots of dietary fiber, protein… They are widely used in food and beverage as a healthy additives.

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    • Dietary Fiber

      Dietary Fiber

      Dietary fiber, is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants. It can make you feel full faster, helping you control your weight.

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    • Amino Acids

      Amino Acids

      Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. With tens of thousands of proteins in our body, and all of them constructed from amino acids.

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